Network+ over A+

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I'm deciding on what cert I want to get first. I'm just looking for some feedback. I have not studied for the A+, but I'm very comfortable with the subject matter. Should I skip it and do the Network+ or should I take the A+ too?


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    we need more background from you, do you work in IT? If not, what are your goals?
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    Sorry! I'm a new poster. I work at a call center for a satellite internet company. I've been around computers since I was maybe 9. I built my first computer at 20. I went to a technical school for information technology, but it turned out to be a scam. I'm 24 now and I've been procrastinating with getting my certs. I'm tired of my Job, and I think the IT field has been calling me for a long time.
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    I would do your A+. I see it required in a lot more job postings than Net+. It may help get you into the field and then you can decide what direction you want to go.
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    I think you should do the A+. I also think you should continue to the Network+.
    Together they are a solid start and should allow you to look for work.

    If you are tight on cash at least study for both maybe test for the one listed in most of the job ads that interest you.

    Good Luck!
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    I would do both to lay out a solid foundation!! icon_thumright.gif

    Start with A+ then go into Network+
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    What is your job title? And what position in IT are you aiming for? I would say that the A+ is proabably optional for you but you could be excluded from jobs for not having it. If you have the cash and time go for it. Otherwise I would recommend another cert such as Net+ or CCENT. Have you tried moving up internally?
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    I would suggest both as they really work well to give you a basic foundation.
    The A+ will probably help you find an entry level job. With previous call center experience the Network+ might help you get into a higher position.

    Either way try to study the material for both. You don't need to take all of the certification exams to learn the material.

    Good Luck
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    I agree with getting the A+ first, it will get you noticed quicker for an entry level position (it's a requirement in many postings I have seen).
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