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I recently landed a Tier I NOC position with a wholesale solutions telecommunication company. The headquarters are in Europe and during the first months of the position I will have to frequently travel to Europe for trainings. I'm interested to know what are the opportunities for career advancements in this field? My career goal is to become a project manager.

A little background on me:
Back when I was a teenager I did an A+ certification course. I never got the cert, after trade school I went to college and major in accounting. I learned quickly that accounting might not be for me and I built a career in support roles for telecommunications company. For the most part my focus has been customer service. However lately I've been intrigued to learn the intricacies of telecommunications specifically mobile networks.

A scope of the new job I accepted and will start in a few days:

Front line support and customer complaint handling (B-B environment);
Propose and introduce network and traffic solutions;
On-line monitoring of the service performance, measuring the quality of our products and taking corrective actions both proactively and reactively;
Identify possible areas of network and process improvements and propose solutions;
Create performance measurements;
Work closely with the customer and internal resources to effectively manage customer expectations and satisfaction.

My new employer has made it a point to advise me that this position is not your traditional american "tier I" position. Any NOC engineers out there can validate this?
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