Question about 98-375 exam

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I'm doing a diploma in IT and I have to choose one more MTA in order to complete it. I thought about 98-375 - HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals. However I'm not 100% sold on it.

First, I do have a lot of experience in that area so maybe I should skip it and do MCSD. Second, the resources I'll be given to study are slightly outdated. HTML5 is a language still in works and that puts me off the exam. Which brings me to the most important thing: Microsoft had a long history of ignoring some net standards and pushing instead their ideas.

I wonder if somebody passed 98-375 in this or previous year and could share his/hers reflections.

Also, if not 98-375, which other MTA would you recommend? I've already done 98-349, 98-364, 98-365,98-366 and 98-367.
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