How 2nd line cisco Support Engineer works with 1st line cisco Support engineer

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hi guys,

could somebody tell me that how 2nd line cisco Support Engineer works with 1st line cisco Support engineer? I have not worked in market but just curious to know for interview. Because I should have some idea about it. I have done my CCNA but I have not done any job yet. And I want to know that how 2nd line cisco engineer works in real life, what technology or way he use to work with 1st line cisco support engineer.

I will be very thankful. If you can give me some basic information. And will be great if you can write me bit detailed information.



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    If you're referring to Cisco TAC frontline, there is not a whole lot of technical skill at all, they are solely there to document tickets and assign them to the appropriate team. I've actually had them tell me I'm giving them too much detail when describing my issue, and asked that I wait until an engineer contacts me to give them the details.

    I believe it goes Frontline, Engineer, Team Lead, Backbone Team (CCIE level Engineers), and if you somehow end up creating a bug the next and final step I believe is Cisco Developers though it is pretty unlikely you will ever get escalated to a developer.

    To clarify, 1st line only really assigns tickets, or communicates with 2nd line to connect you with your engineer if you are calling in on an existing case, 2nd line issues get escelated to team leads and they may open collaboration cases (cases that are being contributed to by multiple teams that the issue may be pertinent to), and team leads are really the point of escalation there, and it will go to the backbone team if no other team can resolve it.
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    but which source/software/way we use to escalation? for example i'm 1st line cisco engineer and working on site. I got some big problem, which i can not solve, and I need 2nd line support, then how I will get that 2nd line support. Will I do a phone call to my seniors? will I come back to my workplace and send him to solve the problem? or how? I heard, that 2nd line support engineer helps out the 1st line engineer from office, while 1st line engineer works on site. But I dont know how? The procedure, the process, the software or whatever. If you can explain me in easy way please.
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    As far as I am aware, there isn't a tiered approach to support, instead they have created collaboration cases. Collab cases have a centralized place for notes from all different teams involved, so the case can be worked concurrently by different teams rather than escalating it back and forth to each other.

    As far as escalations go, it usually gets escalated to a technical lead for assistance within the team, so he is still on the same tier. If the leads from the different teams on the collaboration case cannot resolve it, it can go to the backbone team, which is basically the show stopper team. Generally issues will be resolved within an hour of being on the phone with those guys, unless it is an unknown bug.

    As far as software goes that they use, I have no idea, but you can definitely call TAC @ 800-553-2447 Option 3 and ask them :)
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