Setting my priorities: CCNP/WGU

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So, I plan on starting WGU at the end of July/beginning August, and I wanted to knock out CCNP ROUTE before I started. I will be doing the IT Security track. With the exception of the CCNA Security, I have already transferred my other certs to them and also have to transfer my AAS. Already took the pretest and all that as well. My question is: Would it be feasible to study for SWITCH followed by TSHOOT while I'm taking classes? Or should my time primarily be focused on school? I was told the minimum requirement for each semester is like three or four classes, and my thought was to do at least the minimum while I finish up those other two parts of the CCNP cert, then once I hit second term I can hit the books full throttle (And knock out as many classes in a term as possible).

Here's my current schedule: I usually work anywhere between 8-10 hours a day (Sometimes more if there's an outage or big issue that happens), go to the gym 4 times a week (About an 45 min to an hour), and then have about an hour convo with the fiancee (We haven't moved in yet. She's busy finishing up her PHD then it's off to bigger things). I only get put on call every two months for a week at a time and getting called in is hit or miss, but it happens. Any input would be highly appreciated.
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    Sure you could do it. The min to be considered full time at WGU is 12 credits per 6 month term. Unless you're having a ton of trouble with the topics that shouldn't be too hard to pull off.
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    How many hours a week do you plan on spending for WGU? How long is each term?

    I have a very similar schedule and I want to do it at some point but it looks pretty intense schedule wise. I could do some studying on company time though.
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