JNCIS-SP - experiences?

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Hi all,

I'm currently studying for the JNCIS-SP exam and was wondering from those that have already taken it how it compared to say JNCIA/CCNA difficulty wise and how you found it?

So far I'm using the fast track PDF's and practising most of the concepts at work as we have a lot of Juniper gear.

The one thing I find with Juniper vs Cisco training is that there is significantly less material around to study such as books / vids and whilst the Fast Track PDF's that Juniper offers should in theory be all that is needed to pass it would be nice to have some more supplementary resources available...



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    There wasn't material for the SP stuff on the fast track when I did it so I can't really comment on the PDFs. I used the official course material and it lines up very well with the exam objectives. Practiced in real hardware as well.

    As far as the exam, it was fair. Not too hard, not too easy. I don't remember anything with bad wording or specifically designed to trick you. More in depth than the CCNA level, but not as in depth as the CCNP level exams. I like the Juniper exams and find them straight forward. Could use some sims though!
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    Just a quick update to this thread...

    I sat the exam last week and passed! yay :)

    I found the exam to be fairly straight forward and fair, the Fast Track PDF's definitely prepared me well and went above and beyond what was required.

    Other than that I just made sure to go through the exam objectives in detail and ensure I was comfortable with them all.

    Next up will be looking at either JNCIP-SP or jumping back to Cisco for CCNP.
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    I'm struggling to determine what to do beyond the 'S' myself. Take another 'S' exam? Go back to Cisco? Totally different cert (aka wireless)? Either way, I figured any of those will keep me sharp for P-level exam I will consider in 2015.

    Enjoy your celebration weekend!
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    Congrats on the pass! This one is next for me. snadam advised to use the Fast Track material to me and seeing your post wizkid01, I will start reading it asap.
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