FXO problems...

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So I have a R2691 (IOS 12.4T) with NM-2V and an FXO/FXS installed. Doing show inventory picks them up and Im using the FXS card, works fine. Now I want to dial out or receive and im getting nothing. My config is

============== == ============ ===== ==== ======== ======== ==
1/0/0 -- fxo-ls up dorm idle on-hook y
1/0/1 -- fxo-ls up dorm idle on-hook y
1/1/0 -- fxs-ls up dorm on-hook idle y
1/1/1 -- fxs-ls up dorm on-hook idle y

So using the 1/0/1.

voice-port 1/0/1
cptone GB
connection plar 2001
dial-peer voice 9 pots
destination-pattern 0..........
port 1/0/1
forward-digits all

So with my destination pattern i should be able to dial out any number here in the UK. I'm not getting a light coming on, on my fxo port. I'm thinking it could be a cabling issue but struggling to find any info on this. My analog phone works with the same cable thats plugged into my fxo so not sure why it wouldnt work?

Also I found that some said change the FXO to ground start but there is no signal option when I go into the port, but there is for the FXS... Not sure if it would be that anyway.

Banging my head against a wall... Any help would be appreciated.
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