Impressions of Security+

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I took the exam today and I thought it was an odd exam. It seemed like about 75% of the questions were no-brainer easy and the rest were either confusingly written or seemed to have more than one right answer. I thought after taking it, like I have on all CompTia exams, that I had a good chance of nearly maxing it, only to discover a much lower but passing score...

Anyway, there are lots of VERY easy attack type questions, more DRP/BCP than I thought there would be, and a decent number of PKI. If you get a question something like "xxxxxx?", choose xxxxx.

A couple of the questions I couldn't tell if they were asking about port sniffing or packet sniffing by the way the question was worded, so I just picked one.

Overall, a test that seems really easy, that takes less than an hour, and one in which I obviously picked the wrong one when there seemed to be more than one right answer hehe...



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    I took the exam in September and was dreadfully nervous about the exam. I prepared well using this site as well as numerous others, four different books, and 2 separate practice test bundles. I have a terrible case of test anxiety.

    I scored an 840 on it and couldnt believe it. As you said some questions were so painfully obvious while others were so vague I couldnt tell what they were asking for. Through process of elimination is how I made it through the vague ones.

    The A+ didnt seem to have as many vague questions as this test and I am hoping that the Network+ will not either (but with CompTIA I have my doubts).

    Anyway, good luck to those who are studying for this test. Johann, RuSs, GBAGirl helped me tremendously by helping me shed my doubts of my knowledge and to KNOW and LEARN the material not just cram and absorb for these tests. If you study to LEARN and not PASS you will succeed in taking this test.

    Sorry for the rant. Just my 2 cents
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    Sorry, I guess I braindumped when I was trying to be funny. I tend to have that problem hehe... Sorry

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    Congrats on the pass.

    I found my Security+ experience underwhelming as well. If I added all of the text from every question it would've equaled 10 Microsoft questions. Okay I'm exaggerating a little.
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