Just got an ipv6 address from TWC today

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I'd never thought that TWC was ever going to roll out ipv6 anytime soon. I noticed earlier today that my router rebooted. I decided to check out what was going on and behold I now have a public ipv6 address. I just went to a ipv6 connectivity test website and it confirmed that I now have public ipv6 connectivity! I did get a /56 prefix.


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    Thanks for the heads up, just checked my configuration and noticed the same!
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    I was configuring ip6tables firewall rules and it appears with ipv6 ,you must permit ICMP or else I can't connect to my server with ipv6.
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    got excited and rebooted my modem. No go yet.
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    Go figure. I originally thought they would be rolling it out in major cities first as opposed to us living in the sticks here on the coast. I guess they are starting to roll it out in small areas first to more easily see any problems to better plan for larger roll outs. Just a wild guess.
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    well I do only have the 20mbps not DOCSIS 3 what package do you have? I'm running the Ambit Model# U10C018 checking now if I can even get IPV6

    Edit: it has a slot for IPV6 but no dice. Oh well guessing their isn't a lot of IPV6 only sites and I bet that TWC would be lame about hosting stuff.

    While doing some research I found an interesting video called "The state of IPV6 Only" oddly hosted by someone from TWC!

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    I have the standard package which is probably the 20mbps speed package. For a modem. I have a Motorola SB6121(owned my me, not TWC) which is DOCSIS 3 capable.

    EDIT: Oh, yes I can now more easily start a mini hosting business when ipv6 continues to get more popular. Time to buy some more ram for that PowerEdge 1800 I got. icon_cool.gif Okay, the 2mb upload speed might be a problem.

    But seriously, I wonder how ISPs will react if people do start to host more public accessible servers as ipv6 continues to be rolled out, port blocking is of course one option. As much as I hate TWC, they at least don't block common ports such as 80, 443,25, etc. Will see how things go when Comcast takes over TWC.
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    I'd figure port blocking would continue
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    When I had comcast I noted i had gotten one, I was trying to watch a youbtube video and the connection kept timing out, when i tried to ping yahoo i didn't get 100%. I turned off ipv6 and it was much smoother. now that i'm on att I have yet to get an ipv6 address
  • exampasserexampasser Member Posts: 718 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I decided to reboot my router out of curiosity to see if I would get the same /56 block. Not only did I get a different block but they gave me a /64 instead, boo.
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    Setup a tunneled IPv6 through Hurricane Electric https://ipv6.he.net and you dont have to worry about the ISP providing or supporting it.
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    I had IPv6 from TWC in uptown for about a month, and then they turned it off. All IPv6 dialogs and setup options in my modem are gone. I contacted support and they said its still in beta, so there is no time frame for it to be turned on, or if it will stay on.
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