Going back to private sector. Leaving K12 for an MSP

qcomerqcomer Member Posts: 142
Welp, finally making my way back to the private sector. I have been in k-12 the last 8 years (about 12 years total in IT) with the last 2 years being an IT Director for school district. This should be fun! Going to be a Senior Network Engineer for an MSP.


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    ajs1976ajs1976 Member Posts: 1,945 ■■■■□□□□□□
    congrats and good luck

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    qcomerqcomer Member Posts: 142
    Thanks! I would love to stay, but the situation is just getting out of control there. Lots of positives (especially being around the corner from my office, kids go to school in the district, etc.). Definitely excited to get back out there again!

    New employers pays for, encourages getting and provides time off for certifications. They also pay for study material too. Should be finishing off MCSA then MCSE 2012 (I waited too long to get certs, although I have NEVER needed them) then probably grab CCNA. After that, who knows. Maybe start working on more branches of the MCSE or SQL certs. Ive been a JOAT for a long time and kind of like it.

    Right now I am out IT Director, Network Admin, SQL DBA, programmer, etc. and oversee our data services (student infomation system, state reporting, state/federal testing, etc. ) and IT Services (wires/pliers, network, servers, security cameras, etc.) departments. Last big project I have been overseeing was implementation of the technology portion of Common Core State Standards. as of next month we will have rolled out 500 windows 8.1 tablets, migrated servers to server 2012, etc. Its been fun.
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    joemysteriojoemysterio Member Posts: 152
    How and what did you like about being in IT for K12?
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    devils_haircutdevils_haircut Member Posts: 284 ■■■□□□□□□□
    qcomer wrote: »
    state reporting, state/federal testing, etc.

    I also work in K-12, and I can honestly say that I am glad my district brought someone in whose sole purpose is to handle state reporting, leaving myself and the other IT guy to handle tech only. I help them pull the data they need, but other than that, they do the rest.
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