MTA 98-366 Networking Fundamentals Questions

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Hi everyone, I'm Justin and I just joined the forums. I have a few questions regarding the MTA 98-366 Networking Fundamentals Exam. What is the typical format of this? Does any of it require simulations? Is it all multiple choice? Is it a mix/match? Also, if it requires simulations, are there any recommended programs I can use? I am reading Darril's Networking Essentials book and I just picked it up today. I plan on taking the exam in 30 days. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. I figured I would start with an entry level certification before getting a dive into the more well-known certifications including CompTIA & Cisco. Cheers everyone. Justin-


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    Hey Justin!

    You might have more luck posting this in the Microsoft other electives section, but I will respond with my thoughts:

    It is a 30ish question exam, all multiple choice. There are no required simulations, there are no mix and match (at least in the one I took) -- Derrils book is good, I also read the MS press book cover to cover. I did not do any simulations, and I studied for about a week.

    It is really fundamental. Just ready the book, go over the certification overview on MS website, and read it again. That will sufficiently prepare you. The CBT nuggets, videos, all that stuff is overkill for an MTA in my opinion...

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    Great response! Thank you for clarifying everything. It's very nice to see how helpful this community really is.

    And ns sorry about that, I didn't notice the different section for my question to be posted in.

    My goal is to go through MTA networking and then go straight into CompTIA network+. I have heard network+ is a lot more challenging but a challenge is something that I love. As for your other certifications, I see you also earned the MCSA Windows 7. Do you know a good setup for a lab? And approximately how long did you study for it? Do you remember the format for that exam? I have heard it requires simulations as well and I want to make sure I have everything ready before I go into that. I have 6-7 months off so I am going to get a few of these certifications done in regards to a new job.

    Thanks again my friend. Hope you can respond again!

    Cheers and have a good one !

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    Hi Justin

    i trust you passed the 98-366 and if so would you like to comment on taking the MeasureUp test exams. I am currently studying for the exam and using the MS virtual academy course and reading Derrils book.
    Any advice would be more than welcome

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