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I have my CCNA and almost finished CCNA Voice as its what I'm really interested in. But apart from access lists and passwords, that's all I really know about Cisco Security... I'm not yet in Networking and looking for my first job soon, would CCNA Security be better to go for than CCNP after Voice? I figure knowing about the basics of Security could be really important later in my career. Should I go for this? I don't really want to work in security, but I'm wondering if I need the fundamentals? Is Sec+ maybe better?


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    Since you don't work in networking I would recommend to put more effort and time into editing your resume and finding a job. The knowledge from CCNP is awesome but you will get more out of it if you back it up with experience, also a lot of people are suspicious of a CCNP without experience.
    Sec+ is more of a theoretical exam, while CCNA Sec would be characterized as technical. If you don't have an interest in security, why study for it?
    Start GNS3 and build labs while looking for a job, this will benefit you the most at this point, but that's just my opinion :)
    If you really want to study for a security cert, I'd say go for Sec+.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, well I wasn't sure If I would need to know about security if I went into a networking role or voice role. Security is important everywhere but was not sure if usually it would not concern the voice guys or others? Take it there would usually be a specific security team?

    I have a pretty decent lab already so im good with that, I might just start CCNP studies then, will have a job soonish I hope so by the time I finish CCNP it should be fine.
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    Does the terms VPN, Firewall, IPSec, or Defense in Depth appeal to you? No? Go for CCNP. Aside from that, most of the routing and switching related security is in CCNP anyway (VPN, layer 2 security, and some AAA).
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  • I would go for CCNP Voice.
    You will find a job faster.
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    CCNP because it could potentially get you to a level where you wouldn't be a complete liability when touching a device in the real world. You would also no longer be completely lost when looking at command references and configuration guides in the routing/switching space.
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    Good to hear there is more about Security in CCNP, just did not want to be clueless. Yeah thought about CCNP Voice, loving CCNA Voice, but might go standard CCNP first, CCNA seemed pretty vital in understanding CCNA Voice, CCNP is probably less so for Voice but think I will go the CCNP route first (No pun intended!), Thanks people.
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