Anyone here have experience with TEKsystems?

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Wondering what you'd have to say about them
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    Hah, yeah. They're really good at finding my roommate a job, but not me! In all seriousness, though, they seem to be a great resource as long as you establish a good relationship with one of their recruiters. Sometimes you have to bug them to remind them that you're still looking for work. That's just been my experience so far, though.
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    I've had maybe a dozen different TekSystems recruiters call me in the past 2-3 months. I get a nice rapport going in the call and they submit me for something well out of my range of abilities (I understand trying for a position above your current abilities, but they go WAAAY above). When that falls through they stop responding to my emails on how my submission went (cause hey you never know), or if they have anything else that might be a better match. It's pretty frustrating.
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    I've had bad experiences with TS on three different occasions, with two different recruiters. Each of them contacted me about jobs that were, like Bermovick said, way over my head, or about jobs that were unpractical (e.g. low pay, 140-mile commute, 2nd/3rd shift). I honestly felt like I was being solicited--like they were trying way too hard to sell me some sort of crap that I didn't really want to begin with.

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    I'm dealing with a recruiter from them now. I submitted my resume with them in December and didn't hear anything from them until recently. The guy I'm dealing with seemed alright when I first met with him. I had an interview through them last week. I kinda got a high pressure sales vibe from him. He is really leaning on me to take this job even though I said I wasn't sure on the gig. It would require a significantly longer commute and I'm not sure the increase in pay would negate the added cost and the job doesn't include any benefits. I'm also not sure if I like the idea of letting them take a cut of the money I earn.
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    I've had a good experience working with TEKSystems in the past compared to the other recruiters I've worked with when I was a contractor. I sometimes had have to remind them when I was looking for work but that's the only complaint I can think of.
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    I have had great experiences with them in the past. A long time ago I had have had some contract positions that they found me and some part time work when I had been working an 8am - 4pm gig.
    I think just may depend on who you work with or if you end up getting a newb.
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    I had a good experience with my recruiter at TEKsystems here in Indy. He still contacts me every now and then to see how things are going. If I'm ever looking for another job, I might give him a call.

    I think it all depends on the recruiter. These firms are hot places for fresh college grads with business degrees, and some of them know absolutely nothing about IT. However, there are some that genuinely try to understand all the different certifications and technologies, and those are the recruiters you want to work with.
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    I've had good experiences with Tek. They put me in the position I'm in now, which was a 3 month contract to hire. The pay was relatively low on contract, but one I went full-time it bumped me about 50% from my previous job. In the 3 months I was a contractor with them they also have me a fairly nice Christmas present and took me out to lunch every month for status updates.

    I hope to work with them again.
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    I have had good experiences with them -- though I have a feeling a lot of it comes down to the individual recruiter.

    I've had a specific TekSystems recruiter (who seems to know literally everyone in my field in this area) contact me numerous times over the years based on recommendations of me. It has always been at a bad time where I was new in a job or very comfortable in a job. Finally, I was laid off and reached out to him. He was very responsive and asked to speak with me on the phone to get an idea of what I'm looking for in a new job and to narrow down my expertise.

    He presented a couple opportunities in the area that he thought I would be an excellent candidate for. However, I was not really interested in contract work. Still, he was adamant about meeting me in person (he meets every person he works with in person) to explain how TekSystems works, get to know me, and answer any questions I might have. Very professional. Also, I wasn't aware that you essentially become a TekSystems W2 employee while working contracts -- they handle everything, show up at the jobsite to introduce you, provide a tour, follow up regularly afterwards, and proactively help you to either get hired on directly with the contractor or find another opportunity.

    Here's an interesting situation where his integrity really shined through -- while talking to the TekSystems recruiter, I had already applied for another direct hire position through a company's website. I let him know. Immediately, he somehow knew so many details about this position and even when my interview date/time was. Odd, right? Well... During that in-person meeting I explained earlier, he was completely open and honest with me in telling me that he actually represented two clients for that same position I applied for... Literally, he had a vested interest in me NOT getting this position. Instead, he quite frankly told me he thinks I'm "the one," and "perfect for the position." He recommended me to his contacts at the company. I got the job... And still, he followed up to congratulate me and keep in touch.

    That's classy! Nothing but good things to say about my experience.
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    I was with TekSystems years ago. They were good.
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    Before I was moved to a FTE where I am now, I was working with TS recruiter while I was contracting. He was a pretty solid guy and even had lunch with him. He lined me up with an interview early one morning and even met me at the interview. Didn't land the position due to the craziest ish I've ever heard while interviewing. He continued to follow up with me afterwards with different positions until I told him that I was out of the market.
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  • blargoeblargoe Self-Described Huguenot NC, USAMember Posts: 4,174 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I haven't used them before, but it does seem like the positions they have contacted me about in the past were paying a bit less than similar positions in my area.
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