Trying Again

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Hey everyone,

In the effort to find some free practice exam questions online I came across this wonderful site. I studied for a month using Mike Myers and some practice tests from Prep Logic. After passing the practice tests supploed from both Mike Myers book/CD and Preplogic (100% passing) I decided to take the real one. I missed the passing mark by 20 points (724 out of 764)...DANG IT. Anyway, I'm planning to try again this month so I picked up a Sybex book for extra studying it seems pretty good but is there something else I could do or use to gain my confidence back?


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    Hi Peter,

    Although the Sybex good can be a good foundation, I wouldn't rely to much on it. Apart from some mistakes, it's not very complete. Together with your Mike Meyers book and my TechNotes you should come a long way.

    I used the PrepLogic exams too, and I think if you go over those again and carefully read the explanations and references listed, you should be able to get those extra 40 points.

    If the extra preparation doesn't get you back the needed confidence, realize that you are not the first to come close the passing score on the first attempt and you'll likely do better the next time.
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    btw, I suggest changing your username to peterjwalker77 instead of using your email address:
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    Thanks webmaster guy...I appreciate the insight. I'll let you know how I do.

    Thanks again.[/quote]
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    You're welcome. Don't hesitate to ask questions about topics you're have trouble with, if any.

    When is your next attempt?
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    Just gave Sec+ another try today and failed again. I guess I have to re-evaluate my study habits or something. Thinking about taking Net+ instead but I'll stick with Sec+, at least until I have one more go at it. End of Feb. will be the target. They say the 3rd time.....Hey is it doable to study for both the Net+ and Sec+ exams?
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    Well actually its recommended that you have the knowledge of the network+ before you attempt the securiy+.

    So maybe its in your best interest to study up and pass that one and then move on towards the security exam. If you dont understand how the network operates then trying to learn how to secure it will never happen.

    either way this site has some of the best materials for both of the exams, and quite a few knowledgeable people here to help on any questions you may have.

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    Thanks for the advice seuss_ssues. I think that's what I'll do.
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