How to get more time on cisco CCENT exam with dyslexia declaration?

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Dear all,

It's a simple question as in the title.
But what procedure do I have to follow?
What forms do I have to fill in?

I have a dyslexia declaration so that would not be an issue.

Thanks in advanced!

And by the way what a awesome forum. It really is!


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    Thanks for your reply,

    I have read the guidelines and filled in the "LCD Accommodations Request", but what now? At the end there is section with says to fax it to 610-617-9397. Is that it just fax it. Just that you know I have NOT made a appointment for the exam yet. So will there be contact after I send it about when I can take my exam? or do I have to made an appointment anyway?
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    I would suggest calling the center you plan to test with and asking them how it is handled. They might have a quick answer for you. I don't really know how the process works myself.

    Good Luck!
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    Yes call them. I have a disability and contacting them is the way to go. You will need a doctor's letter etc....
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