Is it easy to get a job if you have a ccnp certificate from another country?

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My husband has an IT certificate, ccna certificate and ccnp certificate, he also has is bachelor's degree (but with a underrated degree). The thing is he has this knowledge and certificates from India, and he's going to be here in the U. S. , Nyc to be exact. Will he be considered lesser than a person with there certificates from the U. S. Will it be really hard to find a job when he comes here? What companies or areas should he try? And also he doesn't have experience like a job, he works for Samsung. Thank you for helping .


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    With a CCNP and no experience it will be pretty hard to find a job for a serious firm. It's best if he doesnt get his expectations too high and tries to get a job that will get him a foot in the door.
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    As Dieg0M pointed out not having experience is going to be what holds him back. Much more so than being from another country. Especially in a place like NYC.
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