Microsoft MTA - Testing Question (Canada)

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Hopefully I'm posting this in the right sub-forum.

I am interested in writing the Microsoft MTA - 364 - Database Administration Fundamentals.

I've tried looking it up on the Prometric website to find pricing for the exam at any test centre near me. However, I'm a bit confused. Their page prompts me to select a sponsor, yet I do not have one. I'm out of university and though I have a fair amount of programming experience within academia, I'd like to get some basic certifications to increase the chances of landing an entry level job. So I don't really have a sponsor right now.

Does anyone know how the procedure works if you don't have a sponsor? Can you still write the exam? If so I'm guessing it will be more expensive than with a sponsor - I don't expect you guys to know offhand all the pricing details, but the Prometric people have yet to respond to my email after several days. Does anyone have experience with getting any of these Microsoft certifications without a sponsor? Is it possible?


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    From the prometric page when I select schedule an exam the first page is to select the Country, next page is the program (Microsoft) and exam type (Microsoft Technology Associate), next page is the terms and when you hit accept at the bottom you have your choice of test with the price listed.

    Are you seeing something different? For the record I am showing all of the tests as $115 US.
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