MCSA server 2012 or something else?

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Will the MCSA Server 2012 help my get a job coming out of High School? Is this common for a High Schooler to have? I am looking at scholarships by companies that will pay for collage and I will work for them x amount of years. Will this cert make me standout more? Servers interest me, and I would like to tackle a harder cert that isn't from Comptia. If Server 2012 won't help much, what is another certification that will help me stand out.


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    Your ambition is note worthy, and I applaud the focus you have demonstrated by obtaining the A+ and MTA. First, I would not discount the Net+ or Sec+ especially at the entry level. They are very popular for a reason, they help to land jobs which brings me to my point....

    I would focus less on the certifications your first year or two and more on getting experience. This is a certification community, so trust me when I say they are important! But they do have their place.

    Getting some experience, learning what you do like and what you want to avoid will help to focus you as a professional. Once you know what direction to head in, that's when you can start looking at certification(s).

    If you are two years out of highschool with two years of experience & a couple comptia certs you will be well on your way. At that point, which cert you go after will probably be directed by your ambition or employer.
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    If you're interested in server-end work, then the MCSA 2012 is the way to go for Microsoft-related technologies. (If you have an interest in Linux technologies, have a look at what Red Hat offers.) The fact that you have a direction is great, and I think you should pursue the certs that interest you. With that being said, your age and lack of experience will more than likely be a factor in getting your foot in the door. Expect to start working in user support or something else like that, but don't be afraid to jump in and work your way up. You could probably find a PC repair or helpdesk job with the certs you have right now, and then gain some experience as you make your way through the MCSA exams.

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    I'm with --chris--, make sure you do find something to get some experience. Your A+ should be good enough to land you a helpdesk job, but I will say your immediate focus after obtaining a helpdesk job should be to get promoted off the helpdesk as soon as possible to something better. Shooting for an MCSA: Windows 2012 is awesome, but coming right out of high school unless you have some seriously great connections I doubt hiring managers will pick someone with just an MCSA (in anything) vs someone with the MCSA and experience. Also, pick up the Network+ & Security+ certs somewhere along the way icon_thumright.gif

    You have an awesome goal and I wish you good luck!
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    I concur with the crowd, start with getting a help desk job and then get a Network + and Security + certification. They will help you stand apart from the crowd at your age.

    Best of luck to you!
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    I have a PC repair technician job now, but I live in the middle of no-where, so a decent sized organization is out of the question. The job is alright, but only 3 people work there. I do plan on staying there for the rest of high school. I will definitely tackle net+ (1/2 way done now) and sec+. The scholarship is want is for the US government, and they accept about 15 out of 500. Would Server 2012 be best after the Comptia trio to help me get the scholarship.
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