Where are the CCNP Wireless-level jobs?

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I live in a large metro area (2+ million people), so when I do a Monster/Dice/Careerbuilder job search, I think I can see where the job market demand is. Yet when I input "wireless" into the keyword field, I get only three or four results, and none for "we need a wireless person" position. Neither is anyone asking for a CCNP:W specifically. Either there are precious few jobs for this cert, or no one needs the level of knowledge that an NP:W would bring (which I find hard to believe). After all, someone who just dabbles in wireless isn't going to cut it for a large wireless network.

I've heard a valid point made by someone that a large wireless network can be handled by just one wireless guy, which implies that the demand isn't that great. But can't the same be said for a large voice or security network? Just asking. I know there will be fewer positions for wireless than an NP:R/S, just as there will be fewer for an NP:S and NP:V. And perhaps making a determination about job demand solely by plugging a keyword(s) into Dice isn't necessarily the most accurate way to determine wireless demand in one's area. Just trying to determine if an NP:W is worth going after. If after getting the cert, I wouldn't want to hear crickets chirping when searching for a wireless job. Is wireless really such a minor part of a company's infrastructure that it's hardly mentioned in job descriptions when they go looking for a new engineer? Do those of you who currently work with wireless see this as true?


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    The way I see it is wireless is an add on skill as it's really an extension of the LAN. You'd be much better off focusing on R&S to get into that door.

    The exception being a VAR or partner of some sort where you can concentrate of providing wireless solutions. Even then you are probably going to be working with other technologies as well.
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    You may be right. If wireless is an add-on skill, though, I don't really see a need for a CCIE:W (or an NP:W, really). Unless you work for Cisco.
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    I agree with you there. I liked the CCNP certification much better when it included wireless, security, MPLS, etc.
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