VMware Partner Central woes

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Does anyone know how to assign a person to a partner to gain access to his / her certifications / accreditations etc. ?

I know you can add a user, or a user signs up to your company, using an email address with that particular TLD.

Following scenario

Company Wibble hires Random John. Random John got an email address [email protected]

He tries to associate his @domain.com with the company to share his credentials.

He cannot use his @domain as it requires a company account, so a new email account and VMware account is being created - [email protected]

Now how does he assign his private vmware account to / associate with his company account ?

The damn site is a minefield and Vmware does not come back to me. I have done this myself years ago and all I remember was that it was a pain to DISassociate yourself again :p

Any hints ?
My own knowledge base made public: http://open902.com :p


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