RHCA EX436 Resources

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Going to add on to this as I study with links, commands for tasks, etc.

Exam objectives:
  • Configure a high-availability cluster, using either physical or virtual systems, that:
    • Provides a service fail-over between the nodes.
    • Provides a preferred node for the service.
    • Selectively fails over based on node characteristics.
  • Manage logical volumes in a clustered environment such as:
    • Create volumes and volume groups that are available to all members of a highly available cluster
    • Create snapshots of logical volumes
  • Configure a GFS file system to:
    • Meet specified size, layout, and performance objectives.
    • Support file system quotas.
  • Configure iSCSI targets and initiators.
  • Manage device configuration using udev
  • Create and manage Red Hat Storage based clusters including:
    • Creating distributed clusters
    • Creating replicated clusters
    • Implementing and utilizing appropriate file systems
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