Student checking in, Need advice enrolled in BTM Program

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First time poster was referred to this site from a friend. I am not sure if I am wasting my time in this program or not to secure a junior IT/systems analyst/business analyst job in the future, but currently enrolled in "Business Technology Management Program" over in a University in Ontario. The job prospects are listed below for graduates:
Business Technology Management (BTM) | CareerMash

I feel these jobs may not be enough to solidify myself in a field. My career goal is to be a liaison between IT and the business people. Currently, I work at a bank and was considering moving up in the branch into IT, but not sure if this is a smart route. I was thinking of getting my Security+ certs and in a few years get my CEH if I landed a reputable IT job.

I know this post is somewhat all over the place, but based upon my current program I am in, can anyone provide a bit of guidance or help in developing a path into the IT world? Is this program too broad?..

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