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Good day to everyone here on the Tech Exams Forum. Indeed it has been too long since I have posted, but I just wanted to give yall (who remember me and those who are new, ) a few updates on what is going on with me!

So I was hired as a "Support Analyst" around December. I am still currently at the company and lets just say...this job has given me a drive and reason to pursue IT further. Now I didn't really expect it to be a borderline helpdesk / call center, I thought (at the time) it will be more hands on but boy I was wrong. Despite the fact that I work on strictly VM and Remote software, I have gained SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE about IT in general, learned and am continuing to learn more about windows and above all else, my resume is looking better with the experience I receive.

I currently will be graduating this fall from my current institution and transferring to WGU for a B.S. in Information Security. My current institution has signed an agreement a month back establishing a partnership with WGU. This means that I will be able to xfer seamlessly to WGU on top of the certifications I have. Which by the way...

I have only been able to achieve 2/6 certifications I planned on having before my wedding date (which is in August) due to vehicle situations and financial obligations towards that. I will be obtaining my S+ and my CCENT by late this year once I am settled and moved in @ Knoxville with my new wife.

Thank you to all of those who have / has given me the encouragement and focus to pursue my career goals!
WGU B.S. IT - Progress: Feb 2015 - End Date Jan 2018
WGU M.S Cyber Security & Assurance - Progress: March 2019 - End Date June 2019


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