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I took the SWITCH exam last week while I was at Cisco Live and failed icon_sad.gif. It's the first cert test I've ever failed, so I was a bit disappointed at first. I really was hoping I was ready, though I suspected that I wasn't.

I didn't get any studying at all done over the last month or so, and I really didn't feel confident in some of the things I hadn't done anything with in real life (VACLs and PVLANs in particular.) I spent a good amount of time labbing certain things (MSTP, etherchannel) but not the rest.

One of the CCIEs at work told me to not bother with VACLs since a)nobody uses them, and b)they are a really small percentage of the test. I should have just studied everything on the breakout a bit harder.

Overall, I have to say that I learned my lesson (including the fact that the proctors can't do a thing if a simulation starts misbehaving.) It was nice to not have any real pressure since it was a free exam, but I still feel like I wasted an opportunity by not trying harder. I plan to take it again in a month or so, after I've had time to lab a few of the things that I KNOW I didn't do well on.

Gotta keep trying...

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