410 2nd fail......

pjd007pjd007 Member Posts: 277 ■■■□□□□□□□
Scored 684 (first exam score was 509) which is frustratingly close but I'm happy I'm heading in the right direction.

I had a few questions on FSMO roles which I wasn't 100% on and one particular question on IPv6 which I wasn't sure about.

Install & Administer AD was my weakest area and when I'm thinking about the questions now I can't think of too many which I may have got wrong and this is the problem I guess with the way they score these exams, we have no idea how many points were awarded to each question.

I really just want to get this exam passed now and will re-book this exam for 2 weeks time, due to other commitments I had around a 3 month gap between the exam attempts and that was probably too long.

Ah and to my knowledge there wasn't too much R2 specific, just one question on DSC.


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