CCNA security - failed 778/1000, spanked

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So I honestly this test took today for the second time. The first time I took it I was going to school full time + work full time about two months ago and had next to no study time, scored somewhere around 790? Had watched CBTnuggets and taken some notes and that was about it in addition to configuring vpns and firewalls at work now and then as one of my rare duties. 802.1x and spanning tree and acls were pretty much second nature. I guess I am bitching but it doesn't make sense that I should get the exact same score as the first time after actually studying. I feel like a couple of the questions pertaining to switching were given, but maybe I just really need to consider a career in fast food.

I felt like the lab was much more buggie the second time. I had actually no trouble the first time I took this test (with the labs). The screen was way too small to actually see anything this time. I think I had a 15 inch screen as opposed to a 17 inch. doh

I use have a couple ASA5510s at work but never use CCP because Java makes it go completely **** up. I honestly made a lot of stupid mistakes because of the heavy influence CCP has on this exam. Does anyone really even use CCP in industry?

I found the whole test to not be terribly technical, just a high high standard of passing. I read somewhere that it was once 804 to pass and now it is a whopping 898. I've really never been one to pass anything with a 90% but apparently this test has been a pushover so Cisco raised the bar?

I would say the CBTnuggets videos were relevant but not applicable. I felt like perhaps a book would have been better primary source. Are their any relevant practice questions I can get that aren't hacked chinese stuff that will actually get me thinking like a true CCNA security guy?

I am so tempted to not take this exam again, it just pisses me off so much. Maybe its time to move to a all juniper shop lol. At least their tests aren't so dang pricey... icon_rolleyes.gif icon_study.gif


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    You're gonna wanna lab with CCP if you wanna pass NA Security. I'll say we've never used CCP either, as it's against regulation, but it's a testing requirement.
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    I used the old trainsignal(now pluralsight) videos for ccna security. It covered everything you needed to know for the exam. It gives a nice overview on all of the main points. To run CCP without any problems try running java version 6 anything newer doesnt let it open.
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    I hate this exam. I am going to take it by storm. I am going to crush it. HATEHATEHATE!!!!!!!

    So today I did wrotedown all the topics that go me and I am going to set up CCP at work. I AM cranky.
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    And the answer your question, I have never in my life come across CCP except for mentions of it for this exam, it's completely ridiculous this test revolves around it. They should have you doing everything on the CLI before CCP, I cannot believe they didn't bring ASDM in as the GUI you are tested on.

    One huge reason I won't take the Sec track any time soon is because it focuses so heavily on CCP usage.
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    Please don't tell me that new CCNP Security exams also focus on CCP? I've tangled a bit with CCP two years ago when I passed CCNA Security, and I would like to start passing new CCNP Security exams in the fall, but CCP is just ridiculous, I don't know anyone who uses that tool.

    I had few 2800 ISR at my job before, but never used CCP to manage them, and now we're completely migrated to ASAs, so I will never use CCP even if I want to.
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    I am preparing for CCNA-Sec Exam. ANy tips would be greatly appreciated, I have the 640-553 materials. Is there much difference between the 640-554 and 640-554 ?
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    Glad to see I'm not the only one that despises CCP. CLI or go home.
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