Taking the Plunge Tomorrow

bugzy3188bugzy3188 Posts: 213Member ■■■□□□□□□□
Well this is it! I'm going in to take the 200-120 exam tomorrow...I decided to go for broke whne I finished my ICND1 studies and didn't have the money to sign up for the exam, rather than let my brain sit idle I just kept going, a few months later and here I am.

I feel like I have a solid understanding of most of the material but as others have stated, the most difficult part so far in my practice tests has been catching the minute details in the questions such as noticing the different VLANS in the "where is this frame going to go?" Type questions...

Well break time is over back to labbing, off to bed, and hopefully next time I post my single MS cert won't be looking so lonely :)
If you havin frame problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a switch ain't one


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