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Hi Guys, I really appreciate all the effort that each and everyone of you as contributed to the rich contents and wealth of information on this forum.

I need advice on where to start from in IT.
I have passion for maths and taught maths as a private tutor for years, graduated with a chemistry degree, then electrical electronics engineering.
I have done a lot of formatting, and installation of OS on laptops and desktop computers, changed hard drives, increase memory capacity, install antivirus, and OS on varies laptops and desktops for my friends. I have also done some FTP stuff on machines, where I establish communication between the router and linux machine and further edit and add some information the linux machine.
I am looking into getting my hand on the real IT field, and would like a good advice on where to start from.

Many thanks in anticipation of your responses.


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    What brings you to the IT field? I'm sure you have plenty of opportunities with the degrees listed there. I have not been in IT for very long, but it is a very diverse field. With your background in engineering, I'm sure that you could also easily branch out to software engineering. Where you start is generally dependent on what you want to do. Do you want to get into networking, server administration, programming, etc.

    If you are serious about getting into IT, then you might consider going out and finding an entry-level job. Most people seem to start in a help desk or NOC support role. If you were able to graduate with a Chemistry and EE degree, then I can only imagine that you will be able to learn a lot of the material quickly. Once you are hired, you can start working on a MCSA Server 2012 (Windows admin), CCNA (networking), or RHCSA (Linux admin).
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    One cannot answer "where to start" unless you know "where you want to be".

    It's no good me saying - oh you'll love programming, when it turns out you might hate it.

    If you are handy with various OSes and software maintenance then you may enjoy being a Systems Administrator - In a smaller company you tend to run everything which means you'll need a good varied skill base and from there you can decide which particular part you'd like to specialise in.

    I went into Systems Administration until I discovered that networking was the coolest thing since a frosty polar bear and now I work full time on network support going for a CCIE. Love it.

    What kind of thing would you *like* to do ?
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    hi Steve,
    thanks for the reply. I taught maths for some years in Africa and was surprise to find out that my teaching experience does not count here in Europe. after few years of trying in the teaching field, so i went back to get an engineering degree. I have been dealing with computer issues for friends, setting up computers, making making RJ45 using cat5e and crimping tool, troubleshoot stuff. so after looking at some few job specifications in the IT field, i decided that i need a proper qualification. I was looking at starting with 70 860 certification then go into CCNA. I just don't want to jump into anything, that is why I decided to consult the experts and people with experience in the field. i want to be well grounded and ready to get into the IT field.
    I will look into the contents of windows admin, and Linux Admin. I have been looking into CCNA stuffs lately, but with your response, I am happy to check others out and see what might really interest me.
    I really appreciate your expert advice and have taken it on board.
    many thanks Steve.

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    Hi Gorebrush,
    Thanks for your reply. True Talk. I really want to get into the IT field and enjoy the aspect I might end up to choose. once again, you were right about programming, as your degree might not be a determinant for your love for programming. i will look into system administration as well, and i so much enjoy OS stuff and software stuff. You really gave me an idea and advice that seems tailored in line with what i do. which I will definitely will look into as well. I really appreciate expert and experienced advise.
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