Please recommend a Network+ practice question book

aolishaolish Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
Extremely disappointed in myself. Made a terrible mistake in buying the WRONG book from amazon thinking I was buying a practice exam question book from exam cram, instead I bought the main book instead (in which I already have from mike myers). Now I have to send back this book back and try and search for a practice exam question book. The exam cram (red book) doesn't seem to have a practice question book for the network+ at this time or maybe they never made one. I only see other practice exam question books like Security+ etc by them. The few that are on amazon now are outdated and old and some have feedback from years ago. Can anyone please recommend a practice exam book for network+ that is available on amazon? I feel like I wasted so much time already. icon_cry.gif


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