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Enrolled in WGU and will eventually have to take the CCNA exam. I was able to get work to pay for this boot camp, but unfortunately, it's not until the end of July. Has anyone taken this course before?CCNA Bootcamp (ICND1 plus ICND2) v2 (CCNAX)

For anyone else enrolled in WGU, does their material leave you well-enough prepared to pass the exam? Thanks in advance!


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    Will the bootcamp be your only study material? I would be hard press to know anyone who can take in so much info in such a little amount of time. Also, I would check to see how there outline compares to the outline for ICND 100 & 200
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    Don't rely on a bootcamp as your only source of knowledge, it's like watching 24 hours of youtube videos in a row and trying to understand and memorise it all
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    Thank you both for the replies. Please allow me the opportunity to rephrase my post:

    I am currently working full-time and also enrolled at WGU. One of the required courses I will be taking requires me to get CCNA / CCNA: Security Certified. I know that WGU provides us with the CBT nuggets program, lab simulators, and several practice exams.

    How have you folks found the study material above? Did you find yourself fully prepared when taking the real CCNA exam or were there topics that required further clarificatin? If not, what study materials did you find most useful?

    I am fortunate because in addition to the study materials provided by WGU (listed above), my company is sending me to a CCNA boot camp with QuickStart. Has anyone used them before for CCNA or other certifications? How were they?

    Thank you for your time!
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    Makes more sense now.. although I have not take CCENT yet (soon), I have been using CBT and the Lammle book. The videos are good but really only hit the mail topics and lack in the details. I had trouble reading Lammle so I recently switched to the ODOM book and am really enjoying it.

    My job has also offered to pay for a bootcamp type class as well, I plan on using it towards ICND 200 to finsh up CCNA.

    If you have the opportunity to do the bootcamp along whit your other study options consider yourself lucky and go for it.
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