Ideas for Graduation Project.

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Hi All, I need Ideas for my Graduation Project, I am studying in the Arab Open University / The Open University, my Major is computer science.

The project should be a desktop application as I already know some VB.net
I was thinking about doing an IT asset management system, but this type of projects have been done many times already.

What I am looking for is something useful and not already available in the market "not to re-invent the wheel", if a similar application already exist " I am sure all the good ideas are already taken :D " then I need to have a new twist or an addition to the software.

Any ideas welcome .. Thanks.


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    A second idea, not sure if they will approve it:

    A demo program that shows different types of encryption and they ways that they can be hacked / craked (Rainbow tables, brute force, man in the middle .. etc)
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    What type of complexity are you required to demonstrate? I think your idea is interesting but what concepts would you be showing? If you wanted to do something in that line. What about a demo that shows the relative strength of different passwords to brute force alone using parallelism against a simple hash algorithm like MD5 which you implement in code against certain GPU hardware. However - doing that in VB.NET isn't really possible.

    Another ideas:
    Demonstrate game theory by building a simple game solver - even tic-tac-toe could be interesting in VB.net - you could implemented a using alpha-beta pruning to demonstrate your knowledge of game theory (not sure if you studied game theory) with a nice UI. If you are up to the challenge, try Go or Chess.

    Demonstrate the efficiency of search algorithms for various lists (random, sequential) - use simple bubble sort, insertion, merge, heap. Use a timer to see which is faster. Allow the end-user to enter a list to show differences in sorting algorithm based on list to be sorted.

    Demonstrate IP packet crafting - build a GUI that lets you craft IP/UDP/TCP packets, allow the user to manipulate basic parts of a TCP packet and generate them on the wire.
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