Prometric Scheduling Issue

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In April I scheduled to take the 74-409 M$ cert with the free voucher for today at 11:30. Drove 40 minutes one way to the next county and, oops, the center is closed for testing on Saturdays. I was able to speak with someone who was going to call Prometric because apparently this is on ongoing issue with this site. The testing center person told me to give them a call, but they're only open Monday-Friday, so, 1) I'm wondering if it'll be a hassle to reschedule if I get in touch with them prior to the center rep and 2) has anyone had an experience like this with Prometric?

I didn't feel as prepared as I could have been, so I'm glad for the delay, but it's still annoying nonetheless.
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  • citrus_sugarcitrus_sugar Member Posts: 35 ■■□□□□□□□□
    They make it impossible to find their number on their website of course, but I was able to call and get my test rescheduled for free for this Friday with no issues.
    Goals for 2014: Summer Internship, Graduate, Net+, Sec+, CCENT
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    For few days now I am trying to order exam on
    The testing center where I used to take exams are not listed on the available sites list.
    The one center that is available on the site, doesn't have dates.
    I called the bothe testing center, they just don't have any clue.
    An answer from Prometric support was just standart ....
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