ICND1 routing, no domain-lookup, alotted test time

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I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I am studying for ICND1 and every time I type an invalid IOS command, i have to wait for the device to timeout while looking for it. I searched the internet and discovered no domain-lookup, tried it out, and I'm thrilled.

On the ICND tests, if i don't use this command will I fall into a timeout trap on the test? I don't want to kill time waiting for a device simulator to timeout while the clock is ticking away. BUT, if i do use the command, will it be held against me? Do they count extra "unecessary" commands against the test taker?


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    Well - the trick is to learn not to type duff stuff into the command line.

    You'll probably find though that the exam doesn't have an "actual" device but a mockup - so it'll probably reject duff commands by default anyway. It certainly wont make you wait the 60 seconds you normally have to when doing the exam.

    You may even find that the command won't work anyway, but you can certainly try it.
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    Use the TAB key to auto-complete commands. It's lazy, but it saves time and reduces errors.

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    you will not have to wait in the exam. you can even use "?" to get a list of commands available for your the current simulation.
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