Laptop Suggestions? (Ultrabook with plenty of RAM)



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    Why not try one of the system76 laptops? If Linux is what you want to run.
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    Something that I've found interesting, since they integrated the memory controller on the same die as the CPU, is that the max RAM of a laptop and the max RAM of the CPU are oftentimes different. So far, I've had great success installing the max CPU RAM and ignoring the laptop's max RAM rating (usually double). May not work for you but I haven't had any problems.
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    Think I'm gonna try the Dell XPS 13 now. Probably get it from Amazon and use the free 2nd day Air I get w/ my prime membership, instead of waiting the 2 weeks shipping time Dell estimates.

    Sad that the XPS 13 was the 1st suggestion in this thread, and I'm just now seriously exploring that option. o_O
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