Internship, how to make the most of it, career advice needed

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Hey forum,

I recently got accepted for a 9 month internship at an amazing place, caters to around 600+ people. I have Comptia A+, Network+, Security+, ECDL and the MTA in Microsoft Network fundamentals. I worked in a laptop repair place for 3 months, and thats my only real experience.

I have the certs, but not the experience, so this is an amazing opportunity for me. 2 big projects coming up is migrating Server 2003 to 2008, and building a new lab with dumb terminals. I was told I will be learning basic Active Directory stuff, dealing with tickets and connectivity issues as they come up, and taking part in these projects.

I'm worried that coming out of this in 9 months, my CV is going to look a little off-balance, but saying that I want to carry on doing this kind of work afterwards. I plan on getting the CCNA during this, and maybe a MCSA depending how much hands-on I can get with everything.

Is 9 months experience as a "System admin assistant", with no prior experience good enough to gain employment afterwards? I know people get into helpdesk and then go onto this role, so I'm not sure if it might work against me. Any thoughts on how to help my career?


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    Read this thread first! This person had almost the same questions as you:

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    That thread was helpful, but nothing I didnt know already. My question was more about my career, certs and experience, more-so then being an intern.
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    Experience is experience anything you can get is always helpful. Will you definitely get a job after? No one can say, but I know that once I put experience on my resume I got more offers. Having worked at a university I dealt with my share of interns (we had co-ops so they were getting paid). It's a lot like the military, you get what you put in. Work hard, ask questions, and volunteer when you can. That will expand your duties and perhaps turn into something down the road.
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    I started out as an intern in system administration and you're free to look at my linkedin to see the path I took afterward. Be humble, learn everything like a sponge, learn what NOT to do by watching others, make connections. And have fun! You're starting your career. Enjoy yourself.
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