how you can find uit which of this two hardwares is damaged below in de thread

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I like to know how you can find uit when one of this two hardware is damged

motherboard , processor

when you get a black screen on a laptop where there wil be no any led is burning on your laptop . how you can distuingish if the poblem relies on the motherboard or on the processor.
how you can find uit whitout any tools .

if thee is any tool t solve such a problem which tool is that?




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    Why does the issue have to be with the motherboard or processor? Why can't the issue be the battery/power supply?
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    first I want to tell I have helped my friend with its black screen acer aspire laptop where the power supply led was on.
    I attached first the latop to extern monior to be sure the problem is not relies on monitor , so after I have pulled uit the 2 memory bank from its laptop and reset it back one by one . so I found the one memory bank which was causing the black screen. so I solved the problem.
    I have also A + IT techncian study followed before.
    after I thouthg my self I am going to do some experiment, I have pulled uit the processor of my laptop to see if any LED of power adapter wil be on. but I was surprised that the power LED was not on and there was no any led had a light . so I thouthg my self if the problem wil be between motherboard and the processor as a last result how you can distuingish it.
    and now you added one component by power adapter. but laptops power adapter has a green light on it so you can know if there is any problem whith it. plus you have volt tester for this things I know also when processor is dead there can Always the fan still function on motherboard which means thath your motherboard is healthy.
    if the fan is running on the motherboard then the problem relies on the processor . but in laptops fan runs only through some cheap when it gets hot in the case. so now I like to know how you can find uit if the problem is between this 2 compnents ?
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