Sharing wireless with ICS question

Running through this scenario in the book:

Using one laptop with a LAN connection to the Internet and a wireless card to share the connection with other laptops via their wireless cards.

First steps:

-Attain address from the ISP with the LAN connection of the ICS laptop.
-Enable ICS on that LAN connection on that laptop.
-Configure other laptop wireless cards to attain IPs from DHCP


Does the ICS laptop give off a "SSID"?
Also, not too clear on how the connection is made with the client laptops? Does the main ICS laptop just turn into a wireless AP?

The book sort of skims over this setup procedure....

Don't have enough hardware at home lab to run through this setup.

Thanks for any info on this
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    A wireless network (regardless of ICS is being used or not) without a WAP, is a peer-to-peer network, also known as 'ad hoc' network or Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS). All the clients in such networks take care of sending beacons the WAP would normally do, and they connect directly to each other. In case of ICS, internal clients would set up a direct peer-to-peer connection with the computer running ICS.
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    Thanks for the explanation, got it now.
    Every man dies, not every man really lives.
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