802 Exam - Command Line Question

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Hi guys! I just found this forum recently, and I wanted to thank everyone for their contribution in helping answer people's questions regarding the A+ Exam. I have a question myself, a couple weeks ago I passed my 801...now I'm prepping for my 802. I know that there will be emphasis on the command line and knowing commands, and how to differentiate let's say tracert from nslookup...my question is, if I'm given a certain question and it requires me to do something at the command line...will I be able to 1) access the help function ( /? ), and 2) will I be able to use it without a penalty? I ask because I have no idea if we're expected to know every parameter and switch by memory (netstat /b, ping /t, xcopy /s) or if we're allowed to access the help of the command line? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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