Cisco Press CCNP Voice books from 2011, update any time soon?

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So for my work I was thinking about buying a CCNA Voice book for reference, but since I'll be working on my NP Voice after VCP and NP R/S, I figure I might as well just put money towards the NP level voice books.

My question is, I'm probably a year'ish out from studying the CCNP Voice, and wondering if these books are expected to be updated within the next year or so? I see Cisco Press had a release of books in 2008, then 2011, so I'm wondering if since it's been 3 years if these will be updating again soon or if the most recent update was strictly due to changing formats from CCVP to CCNP V.

Again this is for immediate reference material for work, but hoping these will be relevant in the next year or so - Thanks!


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    if looking for a reference for work it depends on your version of CUCM. We are already at CUCM 10.5 The last books were written for 8. If you aren't using all the advanced new features you will be fine. For most people I recommend CUCM fundamentals, and Gateway Gatekeepers. They are really, really old, but are the best books for understanding how CUCM and the gateways work under the hood. After that you can use the free documentation to learn about specific features
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