thinking of switching from security to systems

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Hey TE, I've been an IT Security analyst for about a year now focusing on the Certification and Accreditation of small and mid government agencies.

The job is okay, it's just I feel like more of a paper pusher than anything else and there isn't much to learn once you know all the documents. I did some research on dice and noticed that about 60% of the positions in IT security require a active clearance. Since I don't have one I worry that I would also be a big disadvantage when applying.

So I was thinking about switching to a Linux admin career, what are some skills or certifications that I should focus on to reach that goal? Should I focus on Microsoft technologies first?


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    If your wanting to go after certs, you can always visit the Linux Certification Institute (LPI).

    LPIC-1 is a junior level certification for Linux administrators
    LPIC-2 is aimed at advanced Linux professionals
    LPIC-3 is designed for senior-level Linux professionals in an enterprise environment

    Of course Certs are only half of getting a Job or even a career. So look around on Amazon and pickup a Linux Administrator book that is highly rated and dig in.

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