Cisco 3810 router - "no flash SIMM found"?

Cat5Cat5 Member Posts: 297 ■■■□□□□□□□
I had this 3810 voice router in a box and I decided to sell it, since I haven't used it in a while (several years). It boots up to a prompt, but it also boots to a router(boot)# command line. A show ver tells me it is booting to 0x2102 as it should. During the bootup, I get a line that says no flash SIMM found, Flash file system is not available. Doesn't sound good. Also, when I do the command show flash, I get %Error parsing flash: (No such device) and when I do dir flash I get the same thing.

Is this something I can correct from the config of another of my routers, or is it some kind of hardware problem? I can't eliminate the possibility that it may be a humidity-related issue, since it has been boxed in my garage for some time.


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