Network+ or MTA

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Hi all,

i`m currently using the microsoft virtualicon1.png academy to study for the MTA Network Fundamentals certification, on looking at it the MTA has allot of crossover with the Network+ cert, and I have been using Network plus practice exams to test my learning.

I got to thinking tho which is the better to go for the Network+ or the MTA? I`m an ITTechlb_icon1.png and have been the last 10 years, this is my first cert and is more to get my feet wet. I`m am definitely more a infrastructure type of techie so this is the area I want to head.



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    MTA should be fine. I don't see a problem going for the MTA, no need to switch gears now.

    You'll probably want to end up getting your MCSA anyway if you want infrastructure so I think sticking with the MTA is your best option.
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