what is the different between a candidate default route and gateway of last resort

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I am referring to ccnp route ocg pg 130


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    A candidate default route is a prefix that can be used as a default route, but doesn't have to. With a gateway of last resort, mainly used with the ip default-network command you set a network and a next-hop router as a last resort (default gateway). As you can see in the OCG, the I1 router has a candidate default route to network because of the ip default-network (mind the classful nature).

    By advertising the candidate default network in EIGRP AS 1 other EIGRP routers in AS 1 see the network as a candidate default, and can have this network set as a gateway of last resort. Because the prefix is the only candidate default in the IP routing table of B1, it set's the gateway of last resort to the next hop for the prefix, which is L1's interface.

    So they really work together in providing a default route.
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