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Hello all. I'm going over our Citrix Licensing. I just want to see how this works to make sure we have what we need. Say we 30 concurrent user licenses for Citrix. How many TS licenses do we need then? Any? 30? one cal for each user or device? or none since we're using Citrix?

The server is 2k3 btw.

We do have some TS Cals but want to make sure we have the # we should.

Understand all the CAL stuff I think but not sure how Citrix ties into TS cals.

Going to slowly study for 290. Baby due in May.


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    Win2k3 has two licensing modes for TS Cals: per user and per device. If you are using per user - one TS Cal per user, if you are using per device - one TS Cal per device. I don't think TS Licensing Manager is able to track TS Cals in per user mode.

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