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Hi guys, first post.

I've just passed rather easily A+ and Net+ with around 800 but I'm a littke afraid of the >700 passed note for the Sec+ one.

My study method:

- Cram Master
- Sybex

-Exam Force

- (just discovered)

What do you think about this material? Something missing or anything I should change?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi and welcome,

    Although I'm not a big fan of the Security+ book from Sybex, if you combine your study material listed above I think you should be good. If you do plan to get another book, I hear good things about the Syngress book. I'll be adding several more TechNotes for Security+ this month.
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    I just recently passed the Security+ and while studying, I discovered numerous errors in the Sybex book in addition to the lack of depth in some areas.

    I used four different books to compile my own study guide as well as used the GREAT study material from this website as well as the practice tests

    I dont know about exam force or exam master but if you are worried about the passing mark, then I would suggest the Syngress book as the #1 source, Exam Cram2 book and Johann's Technotes on this website as 3rd, and the Exam Cram practice test book.

    You will have no trouble at all passing the test IMHO
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