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I am new to I.T. except for a few college courses. I'm currently studying for the A+ 801 exam. How long did anyone with a similar background study before they passed. Just talking 801 for the moment. I do have a background in I.T. purchasing so so far at least I know the names of a lot of hardware/software that has been in the book. Thanks all.


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    took me 3 weeks to study for the A+, and another 3 weeks to study for Net +. I took both exams on the same day.
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    Super587, it is generally considered that one should have a few hundred hours of PC repair experience before taking the a+ yourself a cheap, obsolete PC, and practice taking it apart, and rebuilding it a few times.....also, learn the hardware components, what they do, has been reported that dos commands are tested on pretty heavily on the tests, as well.....additionally, understand that the VAST majority of a+ candidates need longer than a few weeks to prepare themselves for these exams....i, for one, had no problem with the sec+, and net+ exams, but the a+ studying has been exceptionally more difficult to these things, and study mike meyers all-in-one a+ book, as well as professor messer's free online videos, and you will be fine....i wouldn't take the exams until i'm scoring at least a 90% on all practice exams....hope this helps, and good luck to you.....:)
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    Welcome to the site.
    Don't be scared off by Deathmage it is a rare person that can read and absorb that much information with no previous experience in such a short time frame.

    I took the A+ over ten years ago and I think it took me 2-3 months to study. To me the hardest part is just getting through the book. Technical reading can be very boring and I usually can't do it at night. For my current studies I like to read in the morning if possible and take practice tests at night.

    Everyone is different but your reading speed will be your best gauge. I don't recall it being difficult there is just a lot of new info to absorb.

    Good Luck!
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    Don't forget to watch the free videos on along with your reading.
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