Advice, 2 companies wish to hire me which one should I go with

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Anyways long story short I am going to be leaving my job soon in the next week and a half for a new position doing IT support as a sub k under northrop grunman in Norfolk, VA however there is a position I am really waiting on doing Help desk work with FEMA in Winchester, VA ( I have family nearby where I can move into) so I need some advice on which to choose so here are the positions, tell me what do you think.

FEMA T1 Help desk- starting rate 17.50


NOTE: in this position I am not a contractor but an actual company employee

full dental, vision, health,
2 weeks pto, 1 week sick time,
life, accidental insurance,
company pays for exams and test plus assists with college,
paid holidays even if you dont work them,
$2000 christmas bonus each year (NO LIE LOL:D)
competitive bonuses and raises,
other stuff as well just do not fell like listing them all,
even a bonus for your spouse having a child (New Baby Bonus icon_wink.gif)

Northrop grunman sub k- starting rate 14.00

Contract to hire (could move to NG based upon personal work after 6-8 months),
Health, dental, vision,
no PTO though, or sick time,

So there you have it, in your opinion which should I go with based on the company offers, be honest please.


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    DrB1986DrB1986 Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□

    Also forgot to mention about the FEMA position I have already signed by offer letter I am just waiting on my final background, security clearance check from FEMA and I should be good.

    and note I have an Active Secret, Interim Top Secret clearance.
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    Danielm7Danielm7 Member Posts: 2,310 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Without really knowing the distances of each job, etc, why is there even a question? The first one has family nearby, pays more to start, bonuses, full time employee and lots of other benefits.
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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    Other than the possibility of getting a full time job at Northrop Grumman, we don't even have a contest. FEMA thing sound very good. The NG gig would be a gamble.
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    merc.man87merc.man87 Member Posts: 50 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I would really consider where you would have the most opportunity to move up at. I started as a contractor for NG for Helpdesk. I was hired on direct about a year later. The way my PTO works out is you accumulate so many hours a pay period (Depending on your sector). Insurance is fairly cheap for me. I have life, dental, all that good stuff. And I also get education assistance at 15k a year, which is huge!!!! I have mostly been using it for certs, you get paid holidays and all of those goodies. The pays that you have listed are about right, I do make more than $17.50 but less than $25.00. So you can speculate on where I fall in that range. I mostly took the job for advancement potential. After my last job, I had achieved the esteemed title of Network Administrator, but eventually the company that I worked for closed shop, and being in a really rural area of VA, I didn't have much choices, so I chose this.

    Of course it didn't help that I was only half way though my associates of applied science/networking degree. (Should be finished in spring, woot!). I would really way the options here, how far up in FEMA can you go? Northrop Grumman has massive IT infrastructure, and tons of job postings (Most require a couple certs and a bachelors degree).
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    puertorico1985puertorico1985 Member Posts: 205
    I would tell you to choose the position which would help you achieve your future goals, as I tell everyone else. From your post, it seems that you already have your mind made up. (smileys on the FEMA portion and not on the NG portion, coincidence?)

    If it were me, I would choose the FEMA position simply due to the fact that you would be an FTE. Remember, choose the job that will help you achieve your long term goals. Nor sure what your background is, but having help desk experience is not a bad foundation to have. Great benefits is just the icing on the cake.
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    RaisinRaisin Member Posts: 136
    An important thing to remember about security clearances is that you have to be in a position that requires the clearance in order to maintain it. I'm not sure about secret clearances, but with a TS/SCI you have about 1 year where it can be reactivated again and after that a new investigation is required. I've seen a lot of people screwed over by this because they left a position thinking they would still have five years after their investigation date.

    In the long run working in the DC area, you would be better off taking whichever position offers the higher clearance.
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    pinkydapimppinkydapimp Member Posts: 732 ■■■■■□□□□□
    the clearance is definitely something to consider. However the first position seems like the best route. and make sure you make full use of the free tests for certs and tuition reimbursement. You can put yourself in a very good position after adding a bunch of certs or a degree.
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    DrB1986DrB1986 Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□

    Sorry I didnt reply, was having some keyboard issues on my PC and was busy at work,

    Danielm7: Forgot to mention that driving to the FEMA it support position is around an 80 min drive, which I have no issue with for I have done it many times before.

    merc.man87: I get what your saying I would love to work for NG, trust me when I say that the contract to hire position sound nice however personally I'm kinda tired of the whole contractor crap, for I think that working at the NMCI hell desk bummed me out about the contractor stuff in general, however regardless i start on the 30th, and for some reason the FEMA job fell through this week I'll stick with the NG position for the time being.

    Raisin: The FEMA position will carry my interim T/S to my knowledge from what I asked them.
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