5 Days to go

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Thanks for everyones feed back. I really apprciate it. Spent some time with the family at the amusment park last night great night had by all.

So with 5 days to go based on my GISP exam results and what I know of which domains appear the most on the CISSP exam below are the 5 domains I will focus on

1 - Telcom and Network Security
2 - Security Architecture
3 - BCP / DRP
4 - Crypto
5 - Legal, Compliance, Investigations

Because time is running out I will be going at my weaker domains as follows.

1 - Using 11th hour and sunflower pdf to review my incorrect answers from the GISP exam that I manged to note down.
2 - Read each of the above domains from 11th hour and tackle at least 50-100 more questions in each.

With 5 more days to go I will have to let go of the bigger "bible" books, if not I can continue for another 6 months. I feel like I can part with them for the last week as I have used them all over the last 6 months. Like many others have stated you just have to go for it, one will never feel ready for this exam.

Thats it thats all folks, good rest on Thursday night and time to dance on Friday morning.

As always please feel free to respond or advise, its greatly apprciated.



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    Sounds like you're on the right track, so keep up the good work. This is the kind of test that you could spend years studying for, but never feel that you're quite ready to take it. So at some point, you've just got to jump in and do it.

    If you don't pass on the first time around, at least you'll know what the exam is like, which will help you focus on how/what to study for the second attempt. Another $600 is a small price to pay compared to the value of this certification.

    After reading tons of exam testimonials on this site, it seems like there are people who were scoring 90% on the practice test, but fail the real exam...and there are people who were scoring 50% on the same practice tests, yet pass the real exam.
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