GISP Practise for CISSP Exam

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I will like to know if it is a must that you should use the GISP practise questions to prepare for CISSP exam. I can see in this forum that alot of people who have done their CISSP exam and pass always mention this.

Considering the high cost of GISP practise($129), I will like to know why especially from folks who have done the exam.

Awaiting your reply, thanks.


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    It is not mandatory to do the GISP exam. Candidates do it because, it is worth the risk. Everyone who take GISP and then sit for CISSP tell us that the GISP examination questions and pattern, are extremely close to how questions are asked in the CISSP examination. They don't tell us that they saw the same questions but, the difficulty, the style of questions are very identical. So, if you want to gauge yourself after preparing for the CISSP and before sitting for the exam, you can spend 129USD, to get that extra bit of confidence :)
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    I passed and wasn't even aware of what the GISP is.

    Didnt really know it was a thing until everyone here kept raving about it.
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    GISP is useful for those who wanted to train the thinking aspect of answering question, which CCCure cannot provides. Using too much of CCCure may end up giving a bit of false impression that the test is straight forward book-answer pair type of question. GISP can also benchmark your readiness and give an exam scoresheet before you actually put 500+ USD onto the exam itself.
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    Do you purchase the GISP exam simulator at or where?
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