CISSP Results, June 21st.

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And I've passed, on my first attempt.

Having only ~10 months of real info-sec experience, I can definitely say it was a challenge. It was surprisingly not as technical as I assumed, even having read other's comments. It really challenges your core understanding and thought process around the security domains. There were a few questions that were obviously beta/not graded, as there was no possible answer and were most likely designed for discouragement, etc. It was a good challenge, and I'm even a little surprised that I passed.

Overall it took me about 5 hours, not including 3 breaks. I had about a total of a half hour of time away from the test to eat/re-focus my mind.

As far as study tips go, I think a true understanding of all the basics is required. I don't think there is really anything I can recommend that you focus on other than how each domain operates and its relation to business functionality as a whole.

CISSP down, Stanford cert to go!


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